Friday, October 7, 2011

Gift journal

Pages, One thing I really like about this style of journal are the pages, you can make them any way you want, out of anything you like. Here I used wallpaper ( the green plaid pocket), sheet music, on the left side is the back of a page that I colored using chalk and stamps. The figures on the right are from a new set of stamps I got on ETST, I really like them.
This is the introductory page, you can see the tag with the Happy Anniversary greeting, it is my daughter and son-in-laws anniversary this is my gift to them. The pictures on the right are mine and I made a collage of them and added it to the back of another page.
This is the cover. I do so love pink with white, it is such a lovely combination, the flowers are those made from singed fabric they turn out so pretty, I don't know who started this craze but they deserve a medal or some recognition. I used an iron on transfer for the image of the Victorian girl. The battenburg lace is from a place mat, I love to re purpose things and re use and up cycle as the new term goes. i used an old piece of broken jewelery and the pink bow is from dupioni silk, and the pink tie is also silk.
You can see all the journal from this picture, I had a wonderful time making it and I am pretty sure my daughter will like it.
Bird nest are one of my favorite things, and have been for many years, I got this one from the Graphic Fairy, she is so generous with her art images. On the left I used a page from the farmers almanac, and a page from a business ledger, I put lace on many of the pages, I have boxes of it and seem to always aaccrue more than I can ever use.


Creative Wings Boutique said...

wanda your work is do you do it. and you have more than one blog....hugs
ps i just joined ur flickr group

debi said...

What a beautiful journal Wanda. I'm sure your daughter and son-in-law will love receiving such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Leigh said...

Beautiful job with the collage. I am so looking forward to our swap!