Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play house update

This is an update on the play house. I have finished painting it, it took about 2 weeks to finish. I have several health problems, and can only paint for a short while at a time, hence the 2 week time frame. But it is finished and"lookin good". Hubby has it wired for electricity, and next is the insulation. Every thing takes time and even tho I would love to be decorating it inside and out, the grunt work needs to be done. I am thinking rose wall paper.... and of course pink... and lace.. and vintage finds. Keep tuned for future updates. And ideas are accepted. This is a close up of the bench outside the playhouse (is it one word or 2). Isn't is beautiful. The plants were so inexpensive, and colorful, I couldn't resist. I plan on a window box under the window. But all the garden supplies are out of the one I wanted. Black wrought iron. Cute huh?Well, have a great and happy day.TTFN

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tea at the garden nursery

This was our table. Almost every year we have a tea party at this beautiful nursery,near St.Paul Or. The doggie in the picture belongs to the nursery. He likes to beg.

Isn't the table pretty? I made the cupcakes and food, decorated the boxes with ribbon roses. We had cucumber, chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches. Fresh baked scones,with homemade strawberry jam, and devionshire cream.Plus tea of course. The table cloth is one of my favorite vintage finds. We had white on white doilies at each place setting and under all the food plates.

Chocolate cupcakes, with butter cream frosting. Yummmm! I piped the roses, don't look too close I am not a cake decorator. the roses in the tiny vases are Eden rose from my garden. I had one for each place setting.

This is a close up of the box, they were on sale for a mere pittance at Michales, I chose blue, and pink, stripes and floral. the best part is when you open the box. Surprise, your tea lunch is...

Inside! It was a fun day, at a beautiful place. I wish I had pictures of the garden so you could see how lovely it was. Good food, nice company, a pretty setting, and fair weather. Who could ask for anything more, except more of the same. I Hope you enjoy the pictures, and feel the ambiance.

Monday, September 15, 2008

flowers for baby

These are the flowers a dear friend asked me to arange for her baby shower. She love these colors, and had used them in the nursery. The baby is a boy so it works.

This is one of the arangements, there were 8 all togeather. I did them in the cutest ceramic bowls in the same color hues. The green mums are called Kermit mums, cute, huh?
Hi Susan, leave a comment so I will know when you got here. :0) TTFN

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I thought this might be a better picture, but it is not. It does show my beautiful lamp. Which is burgundy not orange. I have no idea why the camera was so off. It should not be in these color tones.

This is an area at the end of the sofa. It isn't a very good picture, but it shows 3 things, my bowl of potpourri, which consists of dryed flowers, from my garden and from gifts. Also it shows on the right some hydrangeas from my garden. The colors were great this year Burgundy, grey greens, mauve and just about any combination of those plus white. And if you look close at the thing they are sitting on you can see my first attempt at mosaic. It is an old freestanding
cupboard I got at a garage sale for $2.00, it has the original paint which has crackled. All in all it ( the cupboard) looks pretty good, But the top is a bit bumpie. How do they get it so smooth?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The beauty of creation

This is a formation made when the caldera blew up I think they call it the castle.

Have you ever seen water the color of cobalt glass with turquoise highlights, magnificent!

These are pictures of Crater lake, it is in southern Oregon, but is world famous. It is the deepest cleanest clearest lake in the world, so they say. I believe them, it is of breathtaking beauty, and Eminence. I have lived in the Pacific N.W for many, many years and this was my first visit to this place of awe and beauty. I highly recommend it too any one who gets to this area.The drive there is a thing of beauty in it's self.

Monday, September 8, 2008

wonderful wistera

This beautiful wisteria,has been living in a pot for 12 years, how amazing is that? It was a start from a dear friend who has passed away. So when we moved 12 years ago,I broke off a start put it in a pot and brought it with me. I love it when it blooms it always remindes me of the one who gave it to me. I know it needs to come out of the pot (I actually did transpant it into a bigger pot this year) But I want it to be in a prime place in the garden and I havn't found it yet. I am thinking maybe by my new playhouse. Pink house lavender wisteria,could be a winner.

Friday, September 5, 2008

can I keep it??

Well, this is a jump from home and gardening, but 2 days ago dear hubby came home with a little kitten. The kitty was a wild one that was found at the shop at his work. So now we have a new addition too our managrie, well we only have 1 dog and 1 cat. but this little guy needs to be bottle fed and all the rest that goes with mothering a baby. she is a cutie, and I must say she is rather sweet, I have given her a bath (fleas you know) and she didn't put up any fuss at all, very mellow. Our dog Wolfie (a pappion) worrys about her when she meows, but dosn't want her near him, I think he is afraid of her. The cat gave her a sniff and turnd and walked away and now ignors her. So all in all I think it will work out well :) don't you?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

backyard playhouse

I can't remember when I didn't want a playhouse, when I was small a blanket under a tree, or a blanket draped over chairs would do. Well now I have one, I saved my pennies ( dollars really) and bought one. It is a nice size 8' by 14', big enough for an art studio, or a charming get away for reading, or just a little retreat for tea and crumpets.
I had a hard time deciding what color to paint, should I be safe and go with white or grey? My heart always trips at pink so I am painting it pink with green trim. The trim will help tie it to the house. I have one more coat of pink and then the trim.
The exciting thing is, that my dear hubby has wired it for electricity, I think I have more plug ins in my lil' house than my bedroom. I even have a chandelier to hang in there, I have been shopping at garage sales for goodies to furnish and decorate, good old garage sales, you can't beat them,and sometimes you find the best things (the chandelier).
Of course everthing takes time, and time is limited and precious for all, so as we insulate, sheetrock and finish the inside I will post our progress.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ode to the garden

I don't know what to think about our weather here in the Pacific N.W. Our summer was all over the place hot109 degrees and then down to the 60's. Now it is so cool I have had the pellet stove on for the last 2 mornings. I am afraid there is no hope for my tomatoes,and the rest of my garden hs barely produced anything. 4 pears on the pear tree,about 15 asian pears, no apples on either tree. And the green beans havn't even made blooms yet. However on the plus side the blueberrys did much better, except for the 2 new plants and the 2 I tranplanted, they didn't do anything. Thankfully the 2 oldest ones produced quite a bit for me and the birds.

Monday, September 1, 2008

On the other side of the fence

This is a rose I bought at the Heirloom Gardens in St Paul Or. You buy a rose that has lost it's name tag, bring it home plant it and wait and see what you get. This one was a beauty.