Monday, September 8, 2008

wonderful wistera

This beautiful wisteria,has been living in a pot for 12 years, how amazing is that? It was a start from a dear friend who has passed away. So when we moved 12 years ago,I broke off a start put it in a pot and brought it with me. I love it when it blooms it always remindes me of the one who gave it to me. I know it needs to come out of the pot (I actually did transpant it into a bigger pot this year) But I want it to be in a prime place in the garden and I havn't found it yet. I am thinking maybe by my new playhouse. Pink house lavender wisteria,could be a winner.


GardenGoose said...

oh wouldn't that be nice planted as an archway to your little playhouse/studio?very pretty. I have yet to grow wisteria, but I love how the flowers always look like tiny orchids.

Cindy B said...

I didn't realize you could grow this in a you leave it out in the winter too? it is lovely and I am sure a nice way to remember a dear friend.