Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The beauty of creation

This is a formation made when the caldera blew up I think they call it the castle.

Have you ever seen water the color of cobalt glass with turquoise highlights, magnificent!

These are pictures of Crater lake, it is in southern Oregon, but is world famous. It is the deepest cleanest clearest lake in the world, so they say. I believe them, it is of breathtaking beauty, and Eminence. I have lived in the Pacific N.W for many, many years and this was my first visit to this place of awe and beauty. I highly recommend it too any one who gets to this area.The drive there is a thing of beauty in it's self.


Bruce said...

Boy what beautiful pictures. I'll bet you have a really nice husand to take you on a road trip like that!!

Cindy B said...

I found you at rosesinwinter! ( the gal from the lost and found blog arrived..LOL) Your pictures are wonderful...such a beautiful area..I have never been in this part ofthe country..I can tell by the photos, it is must see place!