Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My elegent french pouch swap, with Bobbi Ann

This is what I saw when I opened the box, how very special. And look at the pretty ribbon flowers, love the purples.
Another layer, more beautiful ribbon flowers and some fabulous beaded flowers, love them, I have never seen any like them.
These are some of my favorite things. the reflection of the flash didn't cooperate, and some you cant see. Those in the back are the pouch fabrics, so pretty and shiny. I am going to have so much fun putting it all together.
This is everything, 16 fun filled packages of yummie goodies. Way more than need to do our assigned project.
And this is the box they came in I am feeling very special. I so enjoyed this part of the swap, the exchange of the materials to make our own, elegant french pouch, to hold what ever treasures we want to put in it. Thank you Bobbi Ann this is a keeper as they say. :)