Sunday, November 30, 2008

craft room.

I just listed all of these items on Craigs list. I bought a new computer yesterday and now I need to make room for it in my craft room. So I went thru my sewing and quilting and knitting supplies and came up with this basket.

This is what is inside the basket.

These are the scrapbooking supplies I parted with, there is a lot there. Lots of paper over 140 pieces, books, magazines, stamps, punches, stickers,2 Sizzix items, and glitter, embossing powder. And many other things.
Here, I went thru my jewelry making supplies, and came up with all of this. There are semi precious stones, findings chains and seed beads and so much more. I still have a ton of stuff, but maybe someone can get started with a new craft with one of these. time for a lunch break, I have been at this since 4:30 this morning. FYI, the cat woke me up scratching on the door to get out and I couldn't get back to sleep.:) SOLD...
Sooo, I got a lot done. TTFN

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yo yos

I am smitten by yo yos this is the results of a few hour of stitching. 2 different sizes and a bevy of colors, all from my scrap box. I just bought a plastic flower yo yo maker from my craft store, I can't wait to try it. I have made some heart ones from the heart yo yo maker, it is easy and it amazes me every time I gather it up and it goes heart shape. But then I am easily amused and amazed... This is the box I store my finished product in. The round balls are used in my ribbon embroidery and with other embellishments. They are made of satin and ribbon, unlike the cotton of the yo yos. TTFN

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

embroidered pillow

I got this charming vintage pattern from, they have several embroidery patterns for almost any project. I chose to make this one into a pillow. I added some seed beads for flower centers (but you can't see them ) it adds a little sparkle. Instead of piping I just inserted a strip of folded purple material for a color break in the border between the blue and the embroidery. I have always been in love with the old fashioned look of thing from the 20s and 30s and even before that with the Victorian and Edwardian eras. What could be better than vintage lace and linens. TTFN

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pansy pincushion

This is my rendition of a pincushion from the of Sept. 18- 08, she made hers from velvet and I made mine from wool felt. I think mine are probably bigger than hers, mine measure 5" by 4" I added leaves to the pink one, and left the purple one with out. The little heart shaped yo yo's are made from a template I bought at a fabric store. They are fun to make and look cute on country style things, they could be made from silk or satin and be more elegant. My daughter wanted one of the pansies for a sachet. So I made it the same way just added sent to it. You could add dried lavender or such to the stuffing and that would help with the sent. TTFN

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Door hangers

This is one of my door hangers, it is hand dyed cotton with hand dyed lace appliques, hi-lited with seed beads and pearls and some crystals. The door hangers are about 7" by 6" and hang from a variety of ribbons and other fibers. This one has a vintage silk velvet ribbon hanger with vintage rick rack.

This is another one of my door hangers. I hand dyed cotton and the lace appliques. I added a little collar of seed beads under the writing, and here and there for a shiny accent. If anyone is interested in them let me know. I would be happy to give more details and price. TTFN

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

return of the links

O.K. so I panicked for a minute... well hours actually. My daughter was on the phone talking me thru the add the link process, it went well :). I managed to get some of the links there but I keep shutting down the add link window. Don't ask me how if I knew how I wouldn't do it. But this morning doing what she told me to do I have re added my links. I am not to sure how I did it but they are there..hooray!! Now if I can just keep them there. TTFN

Monday, November 3, 2008

What happend

I am just stunned. My daughter was trying to help me get a new back ground for my Blog and I lost all of my links. How could that happen. Now I can't get them back. I have no links, how very sad. :( ....TTFN

My award

This is my BFF award!!!! It was presented by Garden goose. I know there are 5 other people this award is supposed to be past on too. But being so new to blogging I don't think I can fulfill that criteria. Soooo.... If you have visited my site more than once, consider yourself awarded. And if you live anywhere else in the world and have visited my blog you also are awarded. And Tina at Garden goose is also awarded for even thinking of me in the first place. I hope this is acceptable even tho it wasn't in the full spirit of the rules. However this way there is a potential for many BFF'S too get to know. TTFN

My first craft post

This is my first craft post. I make these baby sleeping door hangers to enclose in baby gifts. the mothers love them and use them too give a gentle warning to shh while baby is sleeping. I make them to sell as well. They can be made from any material, I usually do a bright patchwork for boys. I prefer the more famine ones. I also made the velvet strawberries. I will post others in the days to come. If you are interested in having your own or one for a gift, just leave a comment and a way to contact you and I will see you get one, the price is very reasonable + shipping of course.TTFN