Monday, November 3, 2008

My award

This is my BFF award!!!! It was presented by Garden goose. I know there are 5 other people this award is supposed to be past on too. But being so new to blogging I don't think I can fulfill that criteria. Soooo.... If you have visited my site more than once, consider yourself awarded. And if you live anywhere else in the world and have visited my blog you also are awarded. And Tina at Garden goose is also awarded for even thinking of me in the first place. I hope this is acceptable even tho it wasn't in the full spirit of the rules. However this way there is a potential for many BFF'S too get to know. TTFN


Bruce said...

Good job, I am proud of you

Ashley said...

Yes I have been way busy blogging today, I am so bored though, I can't wait until my back feels better. Nah mine's not better, we will find you a cute backround that will make it lots better for ya. XOXO