Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patio dinner party Jan's

My friend Jan had this fabulous dinner party last Friday, there were around 30 people, we worked all week to get it set up, it was so pretty. Everyone had such a great time. And the food wasn't bad either. The picture above is the view as you are coming down the stairs.

This is a closer view of the food table with no food yet. We had fun making the tissue paper flowers.

We covered the chair cushions with pillow cases. It worked out just fine and adds to the overall white look she was going for.

I love how the branches from the plum tree frame the picture. (with plums).

And we had our own entertainment. This beautiful man is 80 years old.

Monday, July 13, 2009

PaperShoes Marie Antionette style

Don't you want shoes like this, only real. I know I do. This is my interpretation of the darling paper shoes in the new Marie magazine by Somerset Studio. You can find them on pages 10 to 13, there is also instructions for making your own as I did here. This is the biggest shoe it is about 9" from heel to toe, and aren't those square toes just too cute?
I made the paper bow from vintage sheet music, and cut the fancy M with my Cricut machine, added the crepe paper ruffle and a bit of lace.
I wanted to try different sizes so this one is smaller 8" from heel to toe. I used organdy ribbon for the bows, and a seam binding flower with a bead center and some sheet music for trims. On the heel I cut out the mini rose from some older wall paper and covered it with transparent glitter for some extra sparkle.

This little guy is the baby, 7" long. I used crepe paper that I pleated and gathered, some battenburg lace, and other vintage laces. The crown effect is again cut on my Circut machine. These were such fun to make and quite easy too once you got the hang of it. I think they would be so pretty added to a package, You could fix them so you could hang them, and on and on. Get the Magazine and give them a try. BTW the whole magazine is beautiful. TTFN

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Victorian style needle case

This precious needle case is just too sweet. I made it from recycled velvet, silk, and flannel. I love to use bits and pieces that have been rescued from the land fills, because that is where so much ends up after it has passed thru garage sales, goodwill and other donation thrift stores. So I rescue what I can and use it in my crafts and home. This little case is just about a 3" square, I did a photo transfer on dupioni silk, I printed the picture from my computer, it is free clip art.

The ribbon embroidery is one of my favorite things to do it is so beautiful, and looks so vintage.
The lace is a bit that I had from a sale, I have boxes of it, I just can't pass it up, and it adds so much to any craft project.
This is the inside, it has 2 flannel pages and the ribbon down the center is just to bring some detail to the inside. I have been sewing ever since I can remember. I will tell you a little sewing tale.
When I was in High School ( Oh so many years ago) I wanted a new dress for something I cant remember now. I had no sewing machine, no real scissors I did have a couple yard of material, and a pattern. So I laid out the pattern on the material cut it out with manicure scissors and sewed it with needle and thread, it wasn't half bad, that included putting in a long zipper, as it was a sheath dress. Now you can guess how long ago that was. I encourage all to enjoy some kind of crafting, needle work
( my computer won't let me stay on that line) scrap booking, we all have that creative urge, who knows what lovely thing you can come up with. TTFN

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My first Swap

Again my computer is not allowing me to comment with my pictures. This was my gift from my swap partener Char who resides in Arizona. The swap was a 3 part deal it had to include a flower, birds nest, something beach, and it had to include something handcrafted, it could relate to any of the themes or be something in addition to the 3 items.
So I got beach tags, and a shell soap, and beach swizzle sticks. I forgot to get the pincushion in the picture it is one the of her handmade things and just darling, she also made the seashell tags. Don't you love the eggs in the nest so cute with the glitter and the roses. the big star is just a close-up of one of my swizzle sticks.And the napkins are part of the flower theme, along with the print on the pincushion. The cookies were just a bonus, and good I might add.
Well I tried to put a picture with this post I hope it works. TTFN

My first Swap

I am not sure what is up with my computer. This is my swap, she did so good. I explained it on the other post as I can't see my pictures and comment on them in my posting window. All I have is all the computer jargon and no pictures, they come up when I post but I am totally in the dark as to why I can't see them here.