Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Victorian style needle case

This precious needle case is just too sweet. I made it from recycled velvet, silk, and flannel. I love to use bits and pieces that have been rescued from the land fills, because that is where so much ends up after it has passed thru garage sales, goodwill and other donation thrift stores. So I rescue what I can and use it in my crafts and home. This little case is just about a 3" square, I did a photo transfer on dupioni silk, I printed the picture from my computer, it is free clip art.

The ribbon embroidery is one of my favorite things to do it is so beautiful, and looks so vintage.
The lace is a bit that I had from a sale, I have boxes of it, I just can't pass it up, and it adds so much to any craft project.
This is the inside, it has 2 flannel pages and the ribbon down the center is just to bring some detail to the inside. I have been sewing ever since I can remember. I will tell you a little sewing tale.
When I was in High School ( Oh so many years ago) I wanted a new dress for something I cant remember now. I had no sewing machine, no real scissors I did have a couple yard of material, and a pattern. So I laid out the pattern on the material cut it out with manicure scissors and sewed it with needle and thread, it wasn't half bad, that included putting in a long zipper, as it was a sheath dress. Now you can guess how long ago that was. I encourage all to enjoy some kind of crafting, needle work
( my computer won't let me stay on that line) scrap booking, we all have that creative urge, who knows what lovely thing you can come up with. TTFN


Princess Of Pink said...

Adorable! That is so sweet and lovely and pretty lol.
I might have to make something like that, one day! SO many things to make and so little time. I Love to sew as well as many other crafts.

Hugs from Marian♥

Tina- said...

oh how very pretty. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
have been busy and then today I've been cleaning like crazy as we have another house showing tomorrow. uggh will be so very glad when the house sells and I can stop all this seemingly constant cleaning.
wanted to invite you over to my blog for my 500th post giveaway.
p.s. the "cat out of the bag" is that I am trying to write a book now/a garden related book.:0)

Joanne said...

That is very sweet.