Monday, June 21, 2010

My new toy

Isn't this the cutest thing ever??? We bought it over the week-end. What fun we are going to have with this tiny trailer. We were so happy to get one in such good shape. It is only about 12' but it is packed full of vintage goodies, look at that stove and ice box, yes I said ice box, very vintage, the avocado green certainly marks the 60's. It is in wonderful shape for it's age.

We are so excited to fix it up and make it our own. I am thinking pink and white with the green, add a bit of the romantic shabby look that will bring it up to date but still have that vintage look.
Below is the dinning area, the cushions will need a redo, maybe just slip covers as that is the original fabric and for resale it is a big draw, if we ever decided to sell.
Below is the sleeping area, it is larger than it looks in the photo, I picture duvets and tons of fabulous pillows. We are even contemplating wall paper in this area to make it look like a tiny separate room.
The floor is in such great shape it needs a good scrub and some wax and it will sparkle, yes it will sparkle as it has mica chips in it.

Well that is the tour, it is going to be fun fixing it up and fun using it, we already have plans for a trip to one of our beautiful lakes with some friends.
Stay tuned for all the updates in the decorating department
We have found out that vintage trailers are very popular and that there are groups such as "Sisters on the Fly" with over a 1500 members, and other groups that have trailer rallies and take over parks, and have open houses. So I think we are in for some adventures.