Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dry run for the Glamper

Here we are it is our first time out in the Glamper. We couldn't get into the camp ground we wanted and so we had to drive 30 more miles and we were glad to find this spot as all the camp grounds were full. You can see the cute candelabra it came in the mail minutes before we left, so we threw the box in and took off and unpacked it when we got set up. Our awning didn't make it in the mail so we have no awning, but when we got home it was by the front door so next time out we will get to use it.
Above is a picture of the dinning room, ready for tea, I didn't bring any fancy linens this time as I wasn't sure what I would want. Now that I am an experienced Glamper I know more of what I need and what to leave at home. The flowers are from my back yard, and they stayed pretty for the whole week-end.

This is the boudoir, it was such fun sleeping on this bed, comfortable too. I have 12 pillows on the bed it was so cute, I had to borrow a cork screw from a neighboring camp and the guy came over and took a look inside and then went and told his wife he wanted one. Well who wouldn't......

More of the boudoir. I found the fancy pink pillow at Monticello, I love that place. I don't know how much detail you can see on the 2 pillows to the right of the fancy pink one but I embroidered them from vintage embroidery transfers.

You can see here the shelf above the bed, I have cute boxes full of goodies. The pink one with the roses is from my swap with Celeste, it is full of tea things, and a couple small champagne splits. The one on the far right is full of my unmentionables. I also have books up there and a box full of crafting supplies.
Well that is a quick look at our first Glamp. It isn't finished yet more to do inside and out, but it was fun and we are looking forward to the next one. Care to join us?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Rose Swap 2010

You all saw what Celeste sent me it was and is beautiful, Now you can see what I sent her. Her studio is so pretty and it is black and pink and shiny, so I tried my best to make my swap so it would complement her studio. The black and glitter album on the left is for photos or notes she can add pages to it if she wants. The box by it is Oregon Chi my favorite drink hot or cold, She sent me tea bags, I sent her tea. Below is a closer look, you can see the velvet strawberry, it was placed in the pink satin box right behind it the tiny box has ribbon roses on it. To the right of the tea box is a sweet little pillow, she said she was going to add it to the ones in her guest room.

In this pic below is a close up of the powder puff, it is quite large and meant for decoration more than actual use. It is covered with black and pink ribbon roses and other ribbon flowers. In the mini box by the powder puff is a candle wrapped in pink ribbon and has a rose tag on it.

Above you can see a close up of Marie Antoinette's shoe, I think this is such a fun piece and you can put it anywhere, all paper, glitter, lace,and of course pink.

Above the earrings I made with Swarovski crystals, they are a sweet dainty blue, on silver.

This gives you a good look at the velvet strawberry. It is hand dyed velvet with ribbon ruffles, and the seeds are Swarovski crystal in a soft green.
Well that is it, there were a few more things but this is the best. It was my best swap ever and Celeste said the same about hers. It was so lovely to meet such a beautiful and talented woman and exchange our areas of art and crafting with each other. TTFN

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Rose Swap 2010

Gorgeous, Right?? This beautiful box covered in hand painted roses is the beginning of the swap I entered with a lovely lady from Texas, we both belong to the same ning and that is how we became swap partners. The box is so beautiful but as you will see it was full of wonderful things. Where do you start, all the pink and roses and tea cups, and tiny treasures like the lavender sachet in the left tea cup. My initial with the lovely hand painted roses and trimmed with lace and the darling bird at the bottom.

Below is a close up of the W and the birdie, and the cutest basket ever, it is full of wonderful tea bags. I love a touch of blue and the tiny tray with the roses is just the right touch. If you look close you can see a painted spoon in front of the basket, it is adorable.

The book is just too much, it is full of tea lore, and the 2 tea cups, one for me and one for a friend, I wish Celeste could share it with me.

Just couldn't resist a close up of the tiny basket. I know it is just tooooo cute.

I must say this is the best swap of all and I have been in a few, Celeste is a talented painter and very generous, I am going to enjoy these lovely items for a long time. Thank you Celeste, it was a lovely experience and getting acquainted was such a pleasure. TTFN