Friday, April 30, 2010

Whats new

I have always been a fan of vintage satin boxes, I think this one was for Hankies, I added the embellishments on top. Many years ago I found a small publication about ribbon work and fell in love with ribbon flowers. I have made many and these are a few of my latest. Below is a close up of the central rose, this was a new idea I had and it worked out beautifully I think. I added the organdy ribbon and it makes it sparkle. I am not a huge fan of grosgrain ribbon but it does give a lot of variety and texture to leaves and such.

The back ground doily is vintage, I collect them as often as I find them at garage sales and estate sales, flea markets and other venues.

I covered the box with these Delicious ribbon flowers and leaves, I think it is quite stunning, I have a vintage satin glove box on my vanity that I did in a similar way. This hankie box will be offered for sale on my Vintage Romance blog and my Etsy, and my bonanzel sites, you can accesses them from my side bars on this blog.
I hope you enjoy the beauty of the flowers as much as I enjoyed making them. TTFN