Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tea at the garden nursery

This was our table. Almost every year we have a tea party at this beautiful nursery,near St.Paul Or. The doggie in the picture belongs to the nursery. He likes to beg.

Isn't the table pretty? I made the cupcakes and food, decorated the boxes with ribbon roses. We had cucumber, chicken salad and egg salad sandwiches. Fresh baked scones,with homemade strawberry jam, and devionshire cream.Plus tea of course. The table cloth is one of my favorite vintage finds. We had white on white doilies at each place setting and under all the food plates.

Chocolate cupcakes, with butter cream frosting. Yummmm! I piped the roses, don't look too close I am not a cake decorator. the roses in the tiny vases are Eden rose from my garden. I had one for each place setting.

This is a close up of the box, they were on sale for a mere pittance at Michales, I chose blue, and pink, stripes and floral. the best part is when you open the box. Surprise, your tea lunch is...

Inside! It was a fun day, at a beautiful place. I wish I had pictures of the garden so you could see how lovely it was. Good food, nice company, a pretty setting, and fair weather. Who could ask for anything more, except more of the same. I Hope you enjoy the pictures, and feel the ambiance.


ashley said...

Love the Blog, it looks really great. Love you xo Boo

GardenGoose said...

love the tea party pics. looks like lots of fun.
the seed swap officially starts tomorrow. I have added your blog to the list. am definitely interested in some of your sweet peas. please pick something from my list in exchange and contact me through my profile on my blog. my email is there.thanks for joining the fun.

Connie said...

Wanda, my sweet chickadee, thank YOU for visiting me on my blog!! It's nice to be introduced to new bloggers and I'm really enjoying yours. Isn't the pacific northwest wonderful?!?! I've lived in the west almost all my life and can't envision living anywhere else. Your piped roses are wonderful so I'm not sure I know what you are talking about, honey!! Just wonderful.........

FrenchGardenHouse said...


How lovely it all is! You made it so special, and beautiful too. I bet all of you had a wonderful time, wish I could have sipped a cup of tea with you.:)
xo Lidy