Monday, September 1, 2008

On the other side of the fence

This is a rose I bought at the Heirloom Gardens in St Paul Or. You buy a rose that has lost it's name tag, bring it home plant it and wait and see what you get. This one was a beauty.


ashley said...

Looks Awesome! Love you

Cindy B said...

what great pictures! I love roses ..I have my grandmothers old cottage rose..I love it. a nice blog!

Sweet Sage said...

I've taken in many a homeless kitty, but never a homeless rose .. what a beautiful idea .. and you chose such a BEAUTIFUL rose! Thanks so much for stopping by. :) I hope you don't mind that I've linked you?! I LOVE your blog header .. just gorgeous. I too have a grand hope for the future, and perhaps we'll meet in the forever rose garden there!
My Best ~