Thursday, December 11, 2008

A peek into my house

This is the top of my oak secretary, I got this lemonade set by helping an antique dealer stage her shop. I took it instead of pay because it was so pretty, and I had always wanted one from the first time I saw one but could never afford it, so I was pleased with the arrangement. And you can see how well it matches my wall color, the wall has 5 colors of paint and 2 colors of glaze. I really like it and it is a good thing because it was quite a job.

My clock is one of a kind, I know because I made it. I decoupaged all the roses and other things, after I spent hours going thru magazines and cutting out what I thought might look good. You really need a lot more than you think to do the job. The clock face is a copy of a Seth Thomas clock. I got the clock at a garage sale for 50 cents it was all broken, but the face plate was in great shape, so I took it out and had it copied at a copy shop. It worked out great. I put a crackle glaze over it and glazed it with gold paint to bring out the crackles. It is a 24" circle, I have it hung over our mantel. TTFN


Connie said...

I love that clock, chickee! YOU made it??! You have talent sweetpea. You should make them and sell them on ebay. Beautiful.......

The Muse said...

Hello my dear!
Well, i am ready for lemonaide, when shall i arrive? Gee it is pretty. it looks Bavarian. I have a chocolate set...with a grape pattern i adore!

And yes I agree the vignette is lovely and your walls were a true labor of love that surely worked out well!

Oooo la la your clock! They are so the rage in design at this time...LOL and super expensive for a unique you solved that problem with creativity ! Beautiful....!!!

A part of you is here....and it is very sweet!

Beverly said...

Oh, how lovely, Wanda. That lemonade set would look perfect in my house, too!! Yummy....purple!

Beverly said...

And....I almost forgot, the clock is FABULOUS!!!!!

GardenGoose said...

love your clock..and..I'm so thrilled that you opened an etsy shop! you go girl!

Micha said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to say that while the clock is beautiful, I'm in love with your purple walls. I'm a huge fan of purple walls!!

Enjoy your snow!