Wednesday, December 24, 2008

35 years together

Well it has come and gone, our 35th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely evening at our daughters cute little apartment. She worked so hard, she hung snow flakes from the ceiling and had twinkle lights every where.

We had tons of presents, this is only the top half, the table was full and some were on the floor.

This is one I wrapped for my daughter, she went to Paris a couple of years ago so I added the Eiffel tower and a bird for flight. I really liked the contrast of the chartreuse paper and the dark aqua ribbon.My daughter has a chicken theme in her kitchen. I found this fabulous box, and filled it with chicken related items. I made the tag like a tiny quilt with an embroidered chicken and some yo yos. She loved it.

You would think we only gave presents to our daughter.... : ) but I just loved the way this one turned out. I made the cone and tag from a wall paper sample, from a book of wall paper patterns, I got at Goodwill. I made the cherries and leaves from some fabric scraps from the apron I made her. The huge fabric bow was left over material from the curtains we had made for her kitchen last summer.
This is one she wrapped for me. I really liked it. the navy blue bow against the brown craft paper was a real good contrast. The peacock, and the frosted fruit picks just finished it off. I think it had my beautiful Ann Taylor sweater in it.
This is the table I didn't do it justice with this picture. She had white Italian style dishes, with multi colored wine and water glasses. Yes we had to have champagne, it just wouldn't be the same without it. She cooked Cornish game hens with an apricot glaze, yumm, asparagus wrapped in phillo, scalloped potatoes, and home made cranberry sauce. I am so proud of her she did it all herself. And I must say I couldn't have done a better job if I had tried.

This is a closer picture of the table, the brown table cloth looks so good with the dishes and glass ware she picked out. The center piece was my contribution to the festivity's, I took a styrofoam ring and covered it with feathers and dried and fresh roses, there are 3 tiny birds all a glitter, you cant have to much glitter. Added the candle in the center and it looked pretty good.
It was a lovely evening, the food was so special, we had wonderful gifts, Don't laugh but my Hubby bought me a metal detector... I know.. But the thing is I asked for it. :) So if you see this crazy lady wandering around waving a funny looking thing around on the ground that will be me looking for my fortune.
This is our feast. Doesn't it look goooood... The hens were done to a turn, and everything else was just right. In the little green bowl is monkey bread, it is the best, full of garlic and herbs baked to perfect doneness. We had cake for desert but we didn't get to eat it because by the time we finished dinner and gifts the snow was really coming down, and she sent us home before it got to bad to travel.
This was our celebration, our "dress-up-sit-d0wn-dinner" our champagne, presents, and each other. And our favorite winter thing SNOW. TTFN


C Maisy said...

You should have a gift wrapping business....WONDERFUL!!!!
Love it!!
Merry Christmas!

C Maisy said... the way...sorrry....HAPPPPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Out Back said...

Happy Anniversary, sounds like you had a great celebration.

Another CHRISTmas is nearly over. With a very full tummy I have a spare moment and what am I doing, checking blogs!

Christmas day has been a hot one
(96.8F), we spent some of the day in the pool. Hot again tomorrow and for the next few days.

Hope you are enjoying your CHRISTmas.


Sweet Sage said...

What a beautiful evening ..
how blessed you are!
My Best~

Beverly said...

What a lovely evening! Happy Anniversary!

Snowberry Creek said...

What a lovely evening you must have shared. Everything looked beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

To answer your questions: We (my partner & I) each have our own websites and run Snowberry Creek together. I do have an etsy shop, along with my personal website ( and, but Snowberry Creek does not have an etsy shop. Most of the blogs listed are business that we associate with or we are friends with. The e-tailers listed are e-tailers in our sample box. We are in Arkansas and we very rarely get snow :(. Many of the products we receive for the sample box are bath and body, candle, makeup or food related, but we accept other goods as well. If you make it and want to send it in - we will promote you. We have a lot of fun looking for new ways to promote our e-tailers.

I love your blog - will be coming by to visit. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Beadyjan said...

Thnaks for replying on my blog about where you are.
Looks a wonderful celebration.

Ederafaerie said...

Hello Wanda~ Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment--I really appreciate it! Your blog is charming :)

Have a lovely New Year,

GardenGoose said...

all those gifts were wrapped so pretty..and what a lovely looking meal..looks like a great time.
glad you had a great Christmas.