Friday, December 5, 2008

Anniversarys past

Since it is fast approaching-our 35th wedding anniversary- I thought I would show some pictures of our past celebrations. We have a nice dinner, we call it out dress-up sit-down dinner. My daughter and I wear pretty dresses and hubby obliges by donning a suit or something close. We usually move the table in front of the fire place and have a fire, it makes it so romantic. We always have flowers and candles, and what we call table presents. A table present is a present for each of us on our plate "on the table" hence table presents.

Each year we have a different color scheme, that year was red and purple and silver. I make the flower arrangements, and my daughter and I cook. We try to make each anniversary meal special. I don't know what we had that year.

This year was peach and gold with those fabulous orange and peach roses. There is champagne in the colored martini glass, we always have champagne. What could be more romantic I love the bubbles, and is there anything more romantic than fine food, family, fire light, presents, and champagne. Oh yes, we have other presents...lots of them, and we wrap them as pretty as we can. For all who may be celebrating an anniversary this month. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


The Muse said...

I hope you know how utterly divine this post is!

Daisy said...

Hello Wanda! :) I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for visiting my blog the other day and taking the time to comment.

This is such a wonderful and elegant way to celebrate the special occasion of an anniversary. I enjoyed reading this. Hope your upcoming anniversary is a very happy one.

Have a good weekend! :D

Cher said...

Gosh, you make me realize me and my he should be doing more than the nothing we do!


Thanks for your encouragement tonight. I really appreciated it. Come by for my 100th post and enter for the present and read chapter one!

The Texas Woman

The English Cottage Collection said...

Thank you for stopping by...your anniversary post was so charming and inspiring! I think my hubby and I need to step it up a bit!! It's a lovely idea!

Sweetie said...

Anniversaries are such special times. Your celebrations are so romantic and special. It is so important to keep romance in a marriage and you certainly do just that.

Q said...

Happy Anniversary! I think celebrating your special day is the best!
Table presents are fun. Lovely tradition. Lovely table seetings.