Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now open

This rather random group is now listed on my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP!! I am so excited. My daughter the computer whizz, came over and got me set up and talked me thru it. I took notes and I added a couple of them on my own, hopefully I can remember how to do it the next time. These are semiprecious stones from my jewelry making days. I am closing out some of my stash. There is carnelian, rose quartz and Amethyst and others I am not sure of the names.

This beautiful Amethyst necklace is so pretty the picture really doesn't do it justice.

The pillow is on my blog but I thought someone might love it, and want it for there very own. :0)

And these Pansy pincushions will look so cute in any sewing basket. Please stop by and see. My ETSY is listed on my side bar. I got the patten for the pansies from "just Lilla's" blog, it is also listed on my side bar in the link list. SOLD TTFN


Connie said...

That does look very pretty, sweetpea! The pin cushions are adorable also and very unique. I've never seen any like that. Good luck with your etsy shop......

Lilla said...

Wanda, I must have been lucky.
The rule is no more than 10 may be copied from a pattern for sale.I did not think of mine being made for sale, personal use really. But thanks for asking, just use my name in the info. You have 8 more to go. It is the Holidays so I am in a giving mode.
Aloha Lilla

Ashley said...

I saw the new items you put up on Etsy, you did SO good!! Love you XOXO

The Muse said...

Hello You! :) LOL
So I am the first? Huurah for me :) LOL
I can't wait to get those little lovelies :)

As far the imagery I do everything from free hand sketch, to painting to rendering. I have an electric tablet that I can draw on with a pen, and thus get my "eye" into the computer... So Yes I am a complete a total mix of all types of mediums.

Thank you so much for reading the prose and leaving a comment! Knowing that the words speak to others is what it is all about! :)

C Maisy said...

Hi Wanda~
Your sewing is much more crafty than mine. I love your stuff. Can't wait to check you out on Etsy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate it!!

The Muse said...

I am giving your blog an award because it has meant so much to me :)

If you choose not to display your award that is ok, however I did want you to know that reading your blog has given me joy!