Thursday, November 10, 2011

Half doll swap

We were to make a kit for dressing a half doll and send it to our partner. It was to include fabric, trim, bling and put it all together in a handcrafted bag. You can see the fabulous rhinestone button, and the cute pink button with rhinestones around it, and the rhinestone bar this was for the bling..
Here is what I included in the one I sent to my Partner, 3 different fabrics, for the dress approximately 13 different trims, almost 2 dozen hand crafted silk flowers. A decorated bead tube with crystals and beads, a package of fresh water pearls in pink, the colors of choice for my partner were Pink And Cream
In the upper left corner you can see the bag I made it is a collage of vintage lace, doilies, silk ribbon embroidery, and regular embroidery. I love the tags, they are from a stamp set I got on ETSY I used copic markers to color the tags, they are great but expensive, I am just getting familiar with them.
I got everything in the bag I wasn't sure it would all fit but it did.
I love this bag, I worked really hard on it to make it beautiful for my partner, I made the silk ribbon flowers, did the silk ribbon embroidery and the embroidered feather stitch that hold the layers of lace and vintage linens together. I also made some fringe at the bottom form beads and crystals. I hope she likes it, I do. TTFN


debi huntsman said...

Oh Wanda, your partner is going to be happy. Everything you've chosen is so beautiful, she'll have lots of fun with all of it. And I love the bag you created, so beautiful!

Doni said...

I'm sooooo excited to find your blog and I'm so blessed to have you join me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!!! That bag full of goodies is going to be a HUGE delight to your friend...and I hope you're able to share the finished doll with us! I LOVE pink and cream, so I'm wiping up the drool as I try to comment! Lovely blog!!
Blessings, Doni

Michele said...

this bag is simply gorgeous! a beautiful and romatic creation. i found your link from pearls and lace thursday. xo

Kelly_Deal said...

What a gorgeous bag Wanda! So delicate and feminine!