Tuesday, May 4, 2010

door hanger do not disturb

My daughter has one of these on her door knob at her office, and people steal it to hang on theirs. I originally designed this to give as part of a wedding gift. As you can see I put a lot of detail on them I use a patch work of satins, taffeta and such materials for the back ground and embellish with embroidery, vintage lace, beads, vintage buttons, and ribbon. Gotta have that ribbon, it is one of my favorite textiles.

I think this would make a darling gift, or hang it on your own door knob. I have one that says Room service on my door knob.

You can see the vintage buttons at the top by the ribbon hanger, the vintage lace is at the bottom of the do not disturb writing, notice the tiny rose buds that are going across the center, they are done with ribbon embroidery. A lot of work goes into making these little bundles but they are so pretty when finished.
I enjoy the process of assembling these and I have other styles with other sayings. You can find them for sale on my ETSY and my Bonanzel, and my other blog Vintage Romance.


Blumbärchen said...

the new door hanger looks very beautiful, so romantically!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wanda that is just beautiful and what terrific idea. I love the satin patchwork.

Rainy said...

How pretty!

joven said...

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Graceful Moments said...

Gorgeous! Found you in a round about way but happy that I did. Just finished reading about the travel trailer and the flowers from your daughter and scrolled down to see this gorgeous door hanger. So lovely with all those little buttons and ribbons and the fabric is beautiful. This design would make a great door hanger for "Baby Sleeping" too.
Glad I found your blog.