Monday, June 15, 2009

Vintage millinery roses

I went garage saling this weekend and it was good. My husband drives and I buy, well actually this time he bought as well but that is another story, and a good one by the way. This is one of my great buys. These are vintage millinery roses, when I saw them I just grabbed them (I couldn't control myself) they were attached to a black felt hat. All I wanted were the roses. They are so fabulous

they are quite large and just the colors you see. Very modern colors, altho I do think chartreuse was quite popular in the 40s. They are about 8" across and have velvet petals mixed in with the others. I just love them... I am not sure what I will do with them but, I am happy I have them. And here is the best part I paid only $5.00 for hat and all. That makes me sooooooooo happy. :) TTFN


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Wanda; Wow what a great deal, love the green one. Have fun with them....

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Wanda,I love your blog and what a find on the roses.They are just fab.What are you going to do with the hat they were on? I just loved the pincushion you made using a creamer.That is so kool.Thank you for visiting me.And leaving such a sweet comment.I will be visiting again .Hugs Marie Antionette