Friday, June 5, 2009

Summers roses

Isn't this the most gorgeous thing ever. It is one of my roses in my garden, but alas I cannot tell you it's name I lost the tag that came with it, but a rose by any other name would be as gorgeous. I love the shades of pink, such a beauty. The sad thing is we had a bad thunder storm and the bushes were so full of blooms that the heavy rain knocked them to the ground.

I do know the name of this beauty. It is Eden rose. It is the rose featured in my header. It is my favorite rose, it is so beautiful. It has lovely shades of pink with just a touch of green at the base of the bud. So very lovely.
This is Lordly Oberon, it is so tall it tops our fence by about 2' it is a lovely thing and it opens up to a full big bloom. It is a little more on the creamie side of pink, I have several others but these are 3 of my favorites.


Just be happy! said...

They are so beautiful!!!

Connie said...

Hah! I've been deadheading our roses in the rain this morning, sugar, and hubby is telling me I did it wrong. Well, I told him I needed a lesson and he finished the job for me. I ain't stupid, ya know........

Ashley said...

So pretty, I loved the ones you brought for me! Love you xoxo

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Thank you for your warm welcome! I am enjoying my first Pink Saturday, and I am determined to get to all the participants!

I love the roses. Thank you for sharing!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Sandra said...

I love love roses! I could look at them all day long! lol

Tina- said...

love the roses.