Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just wanted to announce we have 3 winners, I have contacted them and I will wait until Friday for a reply, if none I will redraw and go from there. I truly wish I could have given a prize to everyone. And if I could afford it I would!!!!! This is not the prize I just liked the way this box was wrapped. I want to thank everyone who entered, it was a fun process. I will probably do it again when there is a semi good reason. :)


Just be happy! said...

I'm so excited!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Would you e-mail me, so I can send you a reply with my home address?
I just don't want to leave my address here, where everyone can see it.
Once again, thank you so much!!!!

Jo said...

I just come to your blog to relax and enjoy the beauty! Thank you for having this available.