Thursday, April 30, 2009

Marie Antionette

Marie Antionette!

I found these painting of Marie Antionette on a museum web page. She is a fascinating woman in literature, I have read a few books of fiction about her and often wonder if they are even close to the real thing.

It has been said that the famous phrase " let them eat cake" was not said by her. And it is reported that the last words she uttered as she was to be guillotined, were " please excuse me" as she was to have stepped on the executioners foot. If so how very sad.
I wonder how she would feel if she knew she still was a subject of admiration and much art work by the famous as well as the humble home crafter.


Clementina aka "La Traductora" said...

I do not know if you saw the Public Television Production of Marie Antoinette. Marie was in many ways the Paris Hilton of her time. Spoiled and shallow--and totally unaware, until it was too late, that her conduct was a source of extreme irritation to her subjucts.
Still, she died with the utmost dignity, and I real feel for her.
Wonderful post!

The Muse said...

She was a product of her time..I wonder if she would have been the same had her circumstances of birth been different!

She loved her manor house outside of Paris...and was enthralled with being in her gardens.