Friday, January 9, 2009

Stenciled floral border

This is part of the stenciled border in our guest room. I used about 6 different stencils, and oil based stencil paints. There were 3 different stencils used here, one for the humming birds, one for the raspberrys, and a different one for the roses. I tried to blend the colors, like on the leaves which I tipped in yellows, pinks and a touch of blue. This wisteria is over the closet door and the window of the back wall. It wasn't as beautiful as I thought it would be, but it is O.K. I like how it trailed down the wall. I used lavender, blue and pinks and greens for the wisteria, and leaves.

This is over the entrance door. The little blue bird is from a vintage stencil from the 20's or 30's. It ls the same rose stencil but I added the rose buds from another one. The blueberries around the bird are one more stencil.

This is the raspberry stencil. It is on the wall with the closet door. I tried to vary the stencils so it would have the look of a garden. It was a fun project, and not as time consuming as you would think. I undulated the green border of paint so it would have a floe not just a straight line. I know it looks rather grey but it is a nice green.

This is what is just below the above stencil. I painted the picture, it is an oil on canvas. The hydrangea's are from my Pee Gee hydrangeas. The silver plate tray and the vanity jars are a garage sale find. The wicker chivarobe I found at a craft sale near my home.

I will show the bed and the rest of the room in another post. But I wanted to share the border first. I wish the colors were better because they are much prettier, in person. TTFN


The Muse said...

Hi Wanda...
well, let me say....WOW ! Just wow LOL...I dare say this is a prime candidate for either Trash to Treasure of Pink Saturday! What a makeover....! :)

When wee do the creations ourselves, we love them all the more, don't we?
Great job!

Tracy said...

It looks fabulous! You did a wonderful job. :)

lady jicky said...

Very pretty and delicate!

blueberries in the fields said...

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please, visit my blog and read on how you too can share this award with other talented people.
enjoy your day !

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi Wanda, Trying to get caught up after the holidays. Thanks for stopping by. You do beautiful work! M.

Dresden Plate said...

So very pretty. I ahve tried stencilling, but never done very well at it, sadly.

C Maisy said... really have an eye for that kind of stuff!!

Just be happy! said...

Hi Wanda,
Well, I have made so many baby cardigans, that I was able to create my own pattern from what I have learned from the others.
By the way, your floral border looks beautiful!

Out Back said...

Well, aren't you clever?

You are so creative and what a fantastic job you have done!


Pearl said...

Hi Wanda, thanks for visiting me! I just stopped by and I have to tell you your work is gorgeous. This stencil work turned out so pretty, good job. I'll be back for more of those gorgeous ribbon flowers

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Hi Wanda, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I think your stenciling looks quite beautiful! The colors are yummy!