Monday, January 26, 2009

Garage sale Saturday

Saturdays are garage sale day. Hubby drives and I buy. I encourage him to take a book because I never know what I might find and how long I will be. In the winter we don't have a lot of garage sales. So this Saturday was a nice start for the garage sale season. I got this lovely lace table cloth, it is real heavy lace, and it has a tea dyed look, it also has a few spots but, that really doesn't bother me because we layer a lot and they won't even bee seen.

I have my pictures a little out of sinc, but this is a close up of some of the wonderful sewing supplies I found at an estate sale. I love the blanket binding for sewing, but it so good for making outrageous big bows for gifts. And the embroidery thread was only 5 cents a skein, what a bargain that's almost free. :) I am a ribbon junkie, I LOVE it, and these two reels of it made me happy, only $3 for both and there is probably 10 plus yards between them, and the red ribbon is wired ribbon and you know how spendie that can get. It is great for making ribbon flowers.

This is a picture of all the booty, it should have been first but I have such a hard time figuring out the sequence backwards so it will list in the correct order. There are 4 finger tip towels, I am always amazed at how much detail people put into things just to wipe their hands on. The one in the upper right has appliqued morning glories on it.

More sewing supplies, seam binding, it is wonderful for making filler flowers for ribbon work. All of the doilies and finger towels and the crochet corners are from different garage sales. The cocktail forks were just black from oxidation but they cleaned up quite well, I got them and the lovely spoon and 3 of the doilies and some salt cellars ( I forgot to put them in the picture) for $5.
The crochet corners have a rose motif, I didn't notice that until I washed and ironed them. More sewing supplies, have you priced rick rac these days, it is quite spendy. The little thing on the lower left is a pin cushion I think, very cute.
This isn't the best picture but the lace on these pillow cases is knit, it is quite beautiful. You don't see a lot of knit lace, it is mostly crochet. I am going to take it off and use it on something else. The pillow cases themselves are a very rough cotton I don't think I will use them.

Lingerie! Do you remember wearing full length slips? I do, these were at a garage sale, I couldn't pass them up, they are in good shape, just a bit of perspiration stain on the under arms, I think I can get it out with oxy clean. The lace on the one on the left is awesome. The tags say average for the size, so how old does that make them, because they are more like a size 8.

This is the one with the awesome lace. this lady was small and short, I think she had to take up the length a couple of inches. But the lace on the bottom is 6" wide. Well, thats my garage sale week-end, I got a lot of fun things and as usual I really don't need half of it. But then that's what garage sales are all about. TTFN


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Wanda,
Thanks for stopping by today. You got some lovely finds; I especially love the lace tablecloth! Slips are nice too. Thanks for sharing.


Bruce said...

Wow I didn't realize how much good stuff you got!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Hey Mama, Great slips I love them!!

The sewing room said...

Hi Wanda thanks for stopping by,well l dont know where to start,regarding the smocking l buy the Australian smocking and embroidery magazines which are very informative with patterns and instructions and they say there is no right or wrong way realy,l brought myself a pleater which makes it a lot quicker l dont always get an exact match so thats what they mean as long as you are happy with the work thats all that matters any help in the future drop me a line.It sounds like we got married same year and date 24 December 1974 many moons ago.The work you do is very profesional and of a high standard l think you could teach me a thing or two well l have waffled on long enough please drop by anytime would love to chat more have a lovely week.Best wishes Pat

The White Bench said...

Hi Wanda!
What a gorgeous Saturday you had! Lucky girl, your finds are superb! Cannot choose a fav!
And thank you very much for your visit and lovely comment- they really were appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Love the slips and ribbons all of it! Hard to imagine a garage sale we are getting 16" of snow tomorrow!

Sheila said...

Hello WAnda, First i want to say thank you for popin' in at my blog and leaving a comment. I came right over to your blog, and i love every photo on your page. Now i must tell you, i can not read the print on your blog. the blue against the brown is just to hard to see. I just about never found a comment button to click on to leave you a comment. I dont know how to read all your lovely post.. I realy do want to, as i know you had wonderful things to say about all those lovely photos. Sheila

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi there, I took a quick glance at some of your posts, and it looks like you make a lot of nice things. I'll be back to spend a little more time to visit Thank you for hopping around and making a stop to my blog. It's always nice to meet new bloggers.

Sheila said...

Hello Wanda, what lovely things you got. I am with you on the confusion of how to add your photos so they will come out in the right sequence as your post.. I am always backwards.. I adore lace and ribbon and fabrics, i horde them. I just don't know how to sew, knit, crochet,embroider,or any of the kind of stuff.. So!! i have tons of pretty things stuffed in baskets, boxes and drawers and i take them out once in a while to look at..

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Believe it or not I collect old slips too :0)..mostly full length...I saw a picture in Country Living I believe where they used the full slips on pretty hangers and hung them across a was so neat looking. I'm planning on doing that in my bedroom when I get moved.

Queen of Dreamsz

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Thank you so much for visiting my the slips. Check out what does with them...