Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glamping at McIver park

Here you can see the bedroom area in the trailer I made that spread from old linens that were called cutters, they had bad spots and I used the good areas to make the coverlet.
This is our hospitality table. Our guest book, sweets for the guests and some of my cards with my blog and email addy.
There it is our Argosy all lit up with our twinkle lights. This was our second Glamp in the big trailer, it is so nice as it has a bathroom, an electric fridge, and other amenities that the Aristocrat doesn't have.
Fabulous,right, I found this a darling shop she has the cutest things I really love this piece and it just fits in the bedroom area of the trailer, I paid a bit more than I would normally pay but it looks soooooo good. Well that is our trip I added more pics on another post as blogger will only allow a few.


GerryART said...

Your satin-y pillow kinda sets the mood, doesn't it.