Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strawberries in the Marie style

I tried a new look for my velvet strawberries I made them a bit fancier, I tried to do them in a style I thought Marie Antoinette would like. They turned out rather well I thought. Above it shows the top views of some of them, I used ruffled ribbon and lace, and topped

them with flowers and ribbon berries. The above picture shows the variety of sizes from the tiny ones on the right to the rather large one right above them. The large one has crystals instead of seed bead for the seeds on the berry.
A close up of the other pic.
These are some of the different colors, some are hand dyed velvet like the pink one in the center. and some are out of the new Marie blue velvet I found. It is getting hard to find velvet in the pretty pastel colors.
Here we see them all. I thought they turned out quite well, I think Marie would be delighted to have a small silver urn full of them. I know I smile when I look at them. TTFN


Julia said...

I love these little berries! Do you hand dye your velvet? It looks so of variegated.

Amy'svintagecottage said...

I popped over to see your little trailer, my husband loves Lo-liners! Your decor reminds me alot of how my trailer is decorated! So fun to meet other trailer enthusiasts!Thanx for coming by and visiting my little trailer blog!