Monday, November 8, 2010

Faded roses

Some times we think that new is the best, the most attractive, not always, I love the vintage look, faded, a bit worn, but still lovely to look at and use.These are some of the last roses of the summer, they are a bit past their prime but they are beautiful. I think they would make a pretty painting, or use them on a greeting card, how lovely that would be Below you can see how the edges are beginning to brown but even that has it beauty. This is such a gorgeous rose, I am not sure of the name, I think it is wife of bath, all my name tags faded or got lost so I am at a loss for some of the names.

Pretty, pink and now gone until spring, at lest we can admire the photos. Enjoy, even things past their prime have beauty, and that goes for us as well, that is if you are of a certain age.....