Tuesday, February 23, 2010

velvet strawberry and felted wool heart

My latest creations, a ruffled felted heart with ribbon embroidery and regular embroidery, trimmed in vintage lace. These are hanging from a shelf with a hook in my new master bath ( pictures on previous posts) It was so much fun doing the embroidery, and it always looks so beautiful the silk ribbon makes it so. I did pink silk ribbon roses and used french knots for the forget-me-not flowers. And the vine and rose buds were also done in silk ribbon.

I love the vintage lace it came from and old nightie that was in tatters but the lace was still good.
The heart was felted from a recycled wool sweater, I am a big fan of the recycle movement.
The velvet strawberry is hand dyed and hand beaded. I make the ruffle calyx from the ever popular seam binding. I call it the tutu on top of the berry. I so enjoy making home decorating items, they are original and fun to make and use.
I also sell them on my ETSY, and my other blog,Vintage romance, you can get to them from the side bars on my blog if you are interested. TTFN


Sheila said...

So very pretty. Love the ribbon embroidery. I am just learning to do this again. Love the soft pastel colors.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Very pretty!

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