Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where did my kitchen go????

My poor kitchen, it is all tore up. This is all that is left of the sink area, that too will be gone soon. Below is where the fridge was, it is to be moved to another wall, and sunk into said wall about 6".

These are the brawny men doing the rip and tear, notice the tattoo on Eric, it is not indicative of his kind and helpful persona.
We had soffits ( pic below) they are also gone with the wind, actually there wasn't much left after the demo. The extensive remodle was hubbie's idea, I would have been happy with just a new bathtub and leave the kitchen alone, but here we are, well here I am with no kitchen and dear hubbie and precious daughter are in Disney World for 9 days. Oh yes I could have gone, but I don't fly so I get to stay home and listen to the hammering. Life is good. :)

It will be all spankin' new in a few weeks,( I hope it is only that the master bath took 3 months). But it is a thing of beauty, and looks nothing like it did before.