Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea at the garden

I have posted this picture before but it is getting close to time for tea in the garden again. We try to do it every year, at Ferguson's Fragrant Gardens, they are beautiful, and this year I will try to remember to take some pictures of the beauty. This is usual a day trip, we have a lovely drive into the country, sometimes we follow a river and sometimes it's just fields and country houses. First we visit the Heirloom Rose garden and ooh and ahh over the most beautiful rose in the world, the garden is world famous. After we have our fill of the beauty of roses and shop in the little cottage, we head to Ferguson's.
I set up the tea table while everyone tours the garden, I like it to be all done and a surprise. Every year I try to make it different and special. The year shown here I put their tea lunch in the fabric covered box you see at the bottom of the picture. Well this year I have yet to be inspired and time is running out.
I will post the pictures from this years event next month. TTFN


blueberries in the fields said...

hello again wanda, oh my... i wish i stayed close to you. these garden visits and tea party sound so fun and those cupcakes, so yummy. what a nice and pretty table setting ! Please, no apologies necessary about the magnolia tree. I never really had a close look on a real one and after reading your comment, i thought maybe i was wrong and that this was not a magnolia tree i had. never stop speaking out your opinions please ? i was not in the least offended.
happy to count you in my giveaway :)

The Muse said...

I am so glad you posted must have been before my meeting you!

Oooo who could resist those?
I would feel SORT OF guilty eating them, they are so pretty :)

A tea party! Did you dress up? :)

Beverly said...

How lovely, Wanda. Oh how I wish I could join your tea party!!

Ivy Bend said...

I just bought a muffin tin. You have inspired me to make some cupcakes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...